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How can we help?

  • Marcoms strategy
  • PR/Communications planning
  • Excellent copywriting
  • Case studies
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Media liaison
  • Article placement
  • Social media management
  • Press release writing and distribution
  • PR photography
  • Website planning
  • Website management

Tallis offers a full range of top-quality services that can be packaged for all needs and budgets. We can offer anything from freelance support that covers your occasional needs to a full team that provides professional support to larger firms needing help with any marketing or corporate communications activity.


Put the cart before the horse. Any communications programme needs a marcoms plan. And that is part of a marketing plan. Do you have one?  If you haven't you're cheating yourself and wasting time and money while you try to tell the wrong people things that don't help you to sell product. So stop and ask why you're in business and who is buying from you.

Social media policy advice and management 

In this day and age a social media policy is important . Are you making proper use of Twitter and the like? Or is Facebook a place for you to be. Do you know? Let's get started and drive some traffic to your website. 

Public Relations

Tallis can plan and execute anything from an on-going PR plan to a small update for your website. We have the journalistic experience to write the copy that editors enjoy. And we can create website content that your prospects need to see if they're to become your customers. Everything you say and everything you do is PR. So your choice isn't whether to do it but whether to do it well, or badly. 

Article placement; Copywriting; Press releases; Feature writing; Case studies; Proof reading; Media training; Crisis management; Speech writing; PR photography

Marketing communication

We can help you with it all: manage your media relationships, place your articles, write all your corporate copy for any channel that's right for your audiences. 

Websites planning and writing; Brochure writing; Launches and events; Exhibition and conference support.