Hire a copywriter and save 

The physical weapons in your marketing armoury, such as websites and brochures are too expensive to waste by using poor quality copywriting.

Of course, there’s a temptation to knock out some of your own copy in house. Perhaps, you could get an intern. But that's likely to deliver one of only a few possible outcomes.

If you’re lucky it’s just won't work. You'll have written the copy, spent money and the people that read it will just pick at it.

A worse outcome is that clumsy writing will show you to be an inadequately resourced firm that doesn’t care about accuracy. And, somewhere in between, your words fail to turn readers into customers. Hiring a copywriter is, therefore, the way to go. 


Are copywriters expensive?

You’ve heard writers cost a bundle and your pulse quickens at the thought of how your budget is already stretched.

It’s true that there’s a price to hiring good people. But you’re not just paying for words. You’re paying for the right words to be put in the right order. To be persuasive copy the words need to flow. They need to support your messages using as few words as possible. And you need to structure it with a mind for SEO.
Achieving all that takes an experienced copywriter.


So how much will you pay?

Clearly you will pay out for copywriting. But you gain from having words that contribute to sales while releasing your time to do other important work. So working with an external writer might even save you money.

It takes years of practice and training to be a good copywriter. And good copy is what you need if you’re to convert readers to buyers. If you need to be effective, don’t skimp. Hire the right people. 


As journalists and experienced writers of articles and copy for the web, Tallis PR can:

- give your words a tone of voice and style that’s matched to your brand;

- write for your customers, from their perspective

- write about the value you're offering that they can buy, rather than how great you are;

- structure the copy to be search engine friendly;

- put your messages across clearly and persuasively;

- get readers to take action;

- use words that sell rather than inform;

- use simple language.




Andrew Watts studied applied technology at the University of Central Lancashire. He was an electronics engineer in the NHS before becoming an IT and technology journalist and writer. Since then, he has worked within PR agencies on international technology accounts for leading brands and in-house for some of Europe’s foremost technology development houses.

Although he is a PR and communications consultant, copywriting underpins everything that he does. He works with a team of people who offer similar and complementary skills enabling Tallis PR to offer a full agency service at a remarkable price.