Tips for interview success

Press interviews can be an opportunity for some great exposure and the chance to get your messages across in your own words. But they can also be a nightmare of incoherent rambling that makes you look like a disaster, rather than a spokesman. So what’s the key to a good interview?

The answer is to PREPARE.


Devise three key messages. 
Consider what you might be asked.
Think about how to answer these questions, using your key messages.
Build your messages into the answers whenever possible. 


How will your comments be used?
Find out about the publication and the journalist.
Check the purpose of the interview
and publication date.
Think about how to make your messages relevant.


You know more than the journalist, you're in control and can 
say 'no'.
Use facts – it’s what journalists need more than anything – but be sure you’re allowed to reveal them.


If you need time, ask the journalist to repeat the question.
Speak clearly and slowly.
Don’t be pressured.


Expressing personal opinion or speaking on behalf of others.

keep answers factual.

Never lie.


Never talk 'off the record'. The interview is never over. Not even if they phone you to say thanks and check some facts. Journalists live by disclosure and there’s no such thing as off the record.


You have what the journalist needs so use the interview to
 convey your own key messages.
Stay calm and don’t talk too much.


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